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The Truth About That Minecraft Mod

The Truth About That Minecraft Mod

I’ve come across quite a few mentions of a “Minecraft Sex Mod” on Facebook today, and it seems to have parents worried that their children are playing a game that is exposing them to inappropriate content. I have personally played Minecraft quite a bit, and let me be the first to tell you that by default, there is no sexual content whatsoever in Minecraft. The game is simply about building things, fighting various creatures, and basic survival. No sexual content has been put into the game by the game’s designers.

In summary, if your child downloads Minecraft from an official source (Minecraft website, Xbox Marketplace, App Store, etc.), there will be NO sexual content.

Now, to the heart of the issue: Minecraft allows you to add modifications to your personal copy of the game. 99.9% of these are good modifications that will introduce new graphics, or fun new modes to play. These modifications are not downloadable within the Minecraft app itself. That means that if you allow your child to just use the Minecraft app, you will have no problems. Using these modifications requires searching for them on Google, or having been told about them from a friend, and getting the direct link from them to download the mod. Even if they were to download the modification, it doesn’t just instantly work. You have to know how to add the mod to the app. All of this requires quite a bit of work, and it’s not something that can just be stumbled upon.

If your child gains access to this mod, the blame can’t be placed on Minecraft. Your child sought out the mod and how to install mods, and added it purposefully. That is an entirely different problem.

Please do not disallow or discourage your kids from playing the game. It is an excellent, clean game, that even schools have been using as a learning tool for their students.