About Me

Joel SzironyWhere to begin? I’m Joel. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve got a wonderful family and a great set of friends. I work in Marketing. As a hobby, I play and collect tabletop games (board games, card games, etc.). Does that make me a nerd? Probably… I enjoy watching and occasionally playing sports. Most importantly though, I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for my sins.

I’m not really sure where┬áI’ll go with this blog. It has been something I’ve tossed around in my head for quite a while, but never really went anywhere with it. Occasionally, I get ideas for posts and start to type them out on Facebook, or in a note-taking app, and then just end up deleting them altogether. But now, here I am, writing an About Me page. Baby steps, I guess.

Chances are we’ll share different opinions on things. Please don’t feel that because I share a different opinion, that it means that I think lesser of you, or that I think my opinion is the only one that matters. I value everyone’s opinions just the same.

If you want to contact me, tweet at me! @joelszirony on Twitter.